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With this material, you can get a rough idea of ​​the company Kamereo, its business, the organization and recruitment.



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Food business has been manually operated by people with lack of technology for a long time.

We believe that food business should be much more creative in nature.

We commit to redefine the food business using the power of technology.

Technology is the key for professionals in the food business to focus more on creative work.

Food business gives positive power to all the people in daily life.

Core values

Our 6 core values are the most important for the Kamereo family.

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What's the Problem?
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Deliver "WOW" Experience!
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Embrace Change
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Kaizen Spirit
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Data - Driven

How our daily operation works

There are a variety of roles at KAMEREO and each member focus on his/her task. Each task is crucial for our business and we could not operate without any of them.

The sales team find potential customers by walk-in and the customer service team follows up daily orders and contribute to the customer success.

In the warehouses, the fulfillment team takes care of picking quality items, the shipper team carefully delivers the fulfilled orders to the customers in a good quality.

The purchasing team places orders based on the stock level, which the inventory team checks everyday. 

We’re trying to introduce more system to reduce the human errors and those system are built by our in-house engineering team.

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Recent Job Openings
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Lead Engineer

Key Account Executive - FnB KA

Manager, Retention SME

Nhân viên Kho

Customer Success Executive

Senior Business Optimization Executive

Nhân viên Thu ngân

Business Optimization Manager

Engineering Manager

Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer