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Our vision

Food business has been manually operated by people with lack of technology for a long time.

We believe that food business should be much more creative in nature.

We commit to redefine the food business using the power of technology.

Technology is the key for professionals in the food business to focus more on creative work.

Food business gives positive power to all the people in daily life.

KAMEREO 5 Core Values

Our “5 core values” are the most important for the Kamereo family. Those are a way of life and how we deal with daily work. We believe a company with strong core values will perform better for the long term.

As we continue to grow, we must keep committing to our “5 core values” to make a big positive impact on our customers, communities and ourselves.



We Kaizen every day. “Kaizen'' is a Japanese word that represents the practice of continuous improvement. We examine problems thoroughly, evaluate pros & cons, and execute with optimal solutions.

Ask ourselves

  • Do we think about what we can improve?

  • What do we improve today compared to yesterday?

  • What do we learn?

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2. Customer First


We listen to and understand customers and deliver outstanding experiences. We keep high customer satisfaction with our service and product, and we grow as a business.

Ask ourselves

  • Who is our customer?

  • Do we understand customers and their expectations? 

  • How do we meet the customer's expectations?

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3. Hunger


We challenge ourselves, learn faster, and move the business forward. Speed is essential to be successful in a fast-changing market. We maken progress and reach new heights everyday.

Ask Yourself:

  • How can we move faster? 

  • Are we doing our best?

  • How can we contribute more?

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4. Integrity


We act with strong ethical principles. Integrity strengthens relationship with customers, partners and co-workers both at work and non-work. We are honest, transparent and respectful.


Ask ourselves

  • Are we honest and transparent?

  • Do we respect each other and embrace differences?

  • Are we responsibible for what we say and our actions?

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5. Teamwork


We are one team and share the same missions. We respect,
trust and support each other to achieve our goals

Ask ourselves

  • Are we listening to each other and welcoming ideas? 

  • How can we collaborate better?

  • How can we share business goals and challenges as one team?

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Where Does “KAMEREO” Come From?
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KAMEREO's name comes from chameleon which is a cute and unique animal. Chameleons change their own skin colour depending on the environment. We as KAMEREO team always commit to “embrace change” to deliver better value for our customers and community.

A Chameleon's tongue can be longer than its height when they eat something. Our KAMEREO team is committed to doing our best always with “Kaizen” spirits. We don’t limit ourselves.
Lastly, we wanted to make our company name and logo funny and cute so that as many as people can remember us.

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Core Values
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