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10 Start-up Việt gọi vốn ‘khủng’ trong quý III: Có thương vụ giá trị đến 250 triệu USD

KAMEREO - Công ty khởi nghiệp công nghệ thực phẩm có trụ sở tại TP.HCM công bố gọi vốn thành công 4,6 triệu USD trong vòng Series A. Start-up này do doanh nhân Nhật Bản Taku Tanaka thành lập vào năm 2018.

Survival 101: 4 Tips From Successful Startup Founders On Getting A ‘Yes’ From Investors

Raising a capital often means the difference between success and failure.

E-commerce Groups Welcome Rush Of Agricultural Products

E-commerce platforms and food-tech companies are boosting the sales of agricultural products, especially in the time of social distancing in many localities.

KAMEREO gets $4.6M to connect farmers and F&B businesses in Vietnam

While working as the chief operating officer of a pizza chain in Vietnam, Taku Tanaka saw how difficult it is for restaurants to connect with farmers. Many small F&B businesses can’t buy in large volumes, so they rely on nearby markets or multiple suppliers who only sell one category. In turn, this means farmers are disconnected from the end customers of their products, making it hard to predict selling prices or plan their crops. Tanaka founded Kamereo, B2B platform with its own warehouse and last-mile delivery network, to focus on those problems.

KAMEREO, Vietnam’s First Tech-Powered B2B Food Sourcing Platform, Raises $4.6 Million In Series A Funding

The Ho Chi Minh City based F&B procurement startup aims to scale further and faster after a strong 12 months which concluded in its first major investment.

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