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Business overview
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KAMEREO is a supply chain company and offers a one-stop supply service in B2B. We source many products directly from the producers like farmers in Da Lat, Dak Lak, and etc.


Our supply partners includes the global players such as CP, Unilever, CocaCola as well as local players like Vinamilk and Masan Food. Our customers can purchase a variety of products by placing orders to us, which they used to do one by one for each supplier.


As we have more SKUs in our product lines, our customers will save their time and feel more convenient.

We also achieve lower pricing by aggregating the demands from our customers and talking to suppliers with volumes. Directly talking to those suppliers will cut off the margin, middle men taking in the traditional supply chain model.

How KAMEREO Adds Value
To Your Business
Good Stable Price

We work with farmers, producers and importers directly with big volume so that we can give our customers better and stable prices with reasonable minimum order quantity.

Variety of Products

Currently, we have 600+ items on our platform. The number is increasing every month thanks to customer demands.

If you have any requests for items, we are happy to help to source.

Easy To Use

We have our own in-house technology team to improve user experience and our service quality. We continuously improve our mobile app and web app for the best possible customer experience.

Good Service

We own our warehouse, last-mile delivery team, and customer support team to give you the best experience. We try our best possible effort to give you "Wow Experience"!

Cung cấp thực phẩm cho nhà hàng, quán ăn, cà phê, trường học, canteen
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